Capturing a musical moment

Capturing a musical moment, the performers, the action, the interplay of light and sound, is similar to photographing in the wild.

One does not simply take a camera onto the plains of the Serengeti. Something in a persons soul leads them, a vitality and this passion translates into how they photograph, how they capture the raw essence of the scenes before them.

To get the killer photo, requires more than just a proper camera and hope. One has to be at one with the surroundings and possess not only training, but that special ability, a mix of luck, intuition and accuracy.

Diana Nitschke has been shooting within the music industry since 2004. Diana lives and breathes music –  this comes across in her photography.

Diana captures the individualism, character, expressions, and body language of the musicians during their most revealing moments, the live setting. She listens with her eyes.

She seeks to define the musicians as people, think moving portraits.

Become a client – and you get that special essence, that mix of luck, intuition and accuracy.